China’s new stealth fighter?

Pictures alleging to be of a new Chinese fighter jet hit a few aviation forums this Monday. Is this plane China’s new fifth-generation stealth fighter? As the US and its allies develop the F35 platform, how far along has China gotten developing this plane dubbed the J-20?

The impression here is of a big, long aircraft, 70+ feet from nose to tail, which would make sense for a number of reasons. Rob Hewson at Jane’s has reported that Russia has supplied 32,000-pound thrust 117S engines for the J-20, which would be adequate for an aircraft in the 80,000 pound class – with perhaps lower supercruise performance and agility than an F-22, but with larger weapon bays and more fuel.

But ask yourself: why would China need or want a short-range stealth aircraft? Any targets with defenses that call for that capability are a long way from the mainland. Also, the bigger that the aircraft is, the more likely it is that it is a bomber as much as, if not more than, a fighter.

Do the Liberals support an iPod levy?

The Conservatives released a radio ad yesterday accusing the opposition of supporting a levy on iPods.

The Liberals have protested, they point out their press release which states,

The Liberal Party does not support the iPod levy. It is not sustainable in a world of changing technology, and is unpopular with consumers,” said Marc Garneau, Liberal Industry, Science and Technology Critic. “Canadians are already using multipurpose media devices to listen to music, like Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and computer livestreaming, on which the levy would not apply.”

Words in a press release are nice, but how have they voted on the issue?

Concurrence in Committee Reports

Pursuant to Standing Order 66(2), the House proceeded to the taking of the deferred recorded division on the motion of Mrs. Lavallée (Saint-Bruno—Saint-Hubert), seconded by Mr. Pomerleau (Drummond), — That the First Report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, presented on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, be concurred in. (Concurrence in Committee Reports No. 1)

You can see how the Liberals voted to accept the first report of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage here (they voted for it).

And that report that they voted to accept is here.

It reads,

Pursuant to Standing order 108(2) and the motion adopted by the Committee on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, your Committee recommends:

Pursuant to Standing Order 108(2), that the Committee report the following to the House as soon as possible:

That the Committee recommends that the government amend Part VIII of the Copyright Act so that the definition of “audio recording medium” extends to devices with internal memory, so that the levy on copying music will apply to digital music recorders as well, thereby entitling music creators to some compensation for the copies made of their work.

This unfortunately is another case of the Liberals saying one thing and then saying another. Are we to believe their press releases or how they vote?

Michael Ignatieff signed his name to the Coalition agreement, then said he was against one, then famously said “a Coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition”. His latest position is that there is no coalition.

He’s also flip-flopped on EI, the GST, and the Iraq war among other things. We must allow for people to change their minds but when it is done as unprincipled political expediency we have a more difficult time discounting previous words and actions.

Let’s keep building the conservative movement

A few words about this after the press release!


Stephen Taylor Joins the National Citizens Coalition

OTTAWA (December 7, 2010)

The National Citizens Coalition is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Taylor as a Director.

“Stephen Taylor is one of the brightest minds in the country that is currently involved in social media,” says Peter Coleman President and CEO of the National Citizens Coalition. “Together we will be able to provide increased insight and information to a greatly expanded number of Canadians both in the main stream media as well as in the vastly growing internet and social media universe”.

““I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with the NCC to advance their principles of individual freedom and responsible government by engaging the growing movement online”,” Taylor said of his new role in the organization.

The National Citizens Coalition has had a great deal of success in this field, with a burgeoning blog following and constant updates. With the addition of Stephen Taylor’s expertise and visibility, the NCC will be even better positioned to interact with concerned citizens, social media users, politicians and journalists.

“As all levels of government and most non government organizations are exploring and expanding their use of social media, it is very important to stay on the leading edge of this technology. As more and more Canadians turn to these sources for political news and discussion, the NCC will remain an important destination,” added Coleman.

The National Citizens Coalition is Canada’s largest organization that stands for the defense and promotion of free enterprise, free speech and a government that is accountable to the taxpayer. Founded in 1967, the NCC continues to fight for more freedom through less government.

Peter Coleman
President and CEO
National Citizens Coalition
Office: 416-869-3838
Cell: 416-388-5633

Stephen Taylor
National Citizens Coalition
Cell: 613-698-8874

– Media people: a big part of my role at the NCC is talking to you/your outlets about conservatism in Canada and advancing free-market principles. Let me help you with your story. My contact info is that in the press release, but while we get my email set up at the NCC, send vcards etc. to

– I will be keeping up the blog. It’s what got me into this world in the first place and I enjoy it too much! Opinions here will remain my own.

– Big thank you to Preston Manning for bringing me to Ottawa and asking me to contribute to the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. He allowed my conservative hobby to become a full-time adventure.

– Big thank you to NCC President Peter Coleman and Chairman Colin Brown for this exciting opportunity!

– Client work for my other business will continue. I’m still available morning, noon and night!

– I’ll be staying in Ottawa. I am, er, looking forward to the windchill and I may skate on the canal for the first time since I moved here!

– There’ll be more coming out about the news above soon.

Premier Dad embarrasses the kids


It’s! Premier McGuinty’s website for teens that touches on a few items in the Ontario Grade 10 curriculum.

Pictures of my Premier and cartoon hearts!

Save energy in the laundry room! (I think that this kid’s in on the joke)

Yes, that’s a link to Wikipedia’s front-page

A Speed reference? “Daaaaad, didn’t that like come out the year before I was born?”

Yeah, really…

I’d love to know how much this website cost.